Diocese of Norwich Diaconate


Happy House Update

Hi Deacons,

At last weekend's Convocation many participants once again enthusiastically endorsed collecting donations from the Norwich Deacon community to build another Haitian Happy House. We collected $1,000 in donations from the participants at that time. Our goal is $1,250, the amount it takes to fund a 'Happy House'.

We were also made aware that there is also a 'Happier House' program which adds several amenities to a 'Happy House' including a 'composting toilet' and costs $1,900. There are also many needs that have resulted from the devastation that hurricane Mathew inflicted on the Haitian people. If we collect more than $1,250, we will donate the extra to the Haitian Health Foundation to apply where they feel it will do the most good.


We are extending an invitation to all Norwich Deacons to contribute to this worthy cause. Last year we donated $1,550 with the help of the donations mailed after the convocation. We are hoping for the same enthusiastic response this year. If you would like to contribute, please mail your donation to:

Larry Goodwin
215 Oakwood Drive
Windham, CT 06280


Please make any checks payable to 'Haitian Health Foundation'. I will be sending out updates as additional donations come in.

Thank you,